• Plastic microfluidic disposables

    We outclass glass, PDMS, and microinjection molding

    Rapid prototyping.

    EXTREMELY rapid.

    Turnaround as fast as 1-2 weeks

    Do it for a lot less

    Forget spending tens of thousands on glass or microinjection molding.


    We're an order of magnitude cheaper.

    Virtually no limits

    Dense microfeatures

    High aspect ratios

    Scale from prototype to production

    Work in the final material

    Combine macrofeatures and microfeatures

    and more...

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  • What Edge's customers are saying...

    Patrick Cooke, PhD

    COO, Celsee (now Bio-Rad)

    “Edge has been instrumental in helping Celsee with prototyping work all the way to our commercial product. The quality and work ethic shown by Edge has allowed us to manage critical timelines and deliver quality product on-time to customers, even with short lead times. The growth and development at their facility show an ever increasing emphasis on quality and creating standards within their industry that cannot be matched by some competitors.”

    Jesse Lu

    Engineer at Plexium

    "Working with Edge Embossing has accelerated my company’s ability to prototype microfluidic chips by months. My microfluidic design was rejected by several companies due to its complexity and 10 micron feature sizes, but Edge Embossing was able hot emboss my design without any issues. Without their help, I would still be trying to get my first design to work. Since then, I’ve sent them 7 other designs, and will definitely be sending more."

    Alessandra Robillard, B.Eng.

    Proj. Engineer, Sensoreal Inc.

    "Edge Embossing has been providing parts for us for over 5 years, with exceptional precision, high reproducibility and fast-turnaround times. Working closely with their experienced team has allowed us to successfully complete multiple projects, including the manufacturing of medical devices for the ISS."

    Connor Sullivan

    Biomedical Eng. (former), Neofluidics

    "The customer service we received from Edge Embossing was exemplary; their team was very responsive to our needs and was always available to discuss any aspect of the project. Their core technology allowed us to quickly iterate on our designs at a pace that can’t be achieved with many other plastic manufacturing methods. Edge Embossing provided us a solid, rapid solution for our consumable prototyping and development."

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