• Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Technical Questions

    What materials do you have?

    See our material compatibility chart for help in choosing.


    What’s the minimum order quantity?

    5 parts


    What’s your feature resolution?

    We do sharp features down to 1 µm every day, and can also do many sub-micron features.


    Do you offer lidding and bonding services?

    Yes! We provide both PSA lamination and thermal diffusion bonding.


    How can I get fluids in and out of the finished devices?

    We have a selection of standard connector ports, as well as the option to customize them to work with your inputs.


    What are acceptable master materials?

    Etched Si, patterned photoresist on Si, etched glass, machined metal or plastic, soft substrates.


    Does the type of master used determine how many parts can be made?

    No, since we’re transferring the pattern the master doesn’t acquire wear as more parts are embossed.


    How does the type of master determine the quality of embossed parts?

    Any defects that exist on your master will be faithfully reproduced in all embossed parts, so the quality of microfabrication is very important. Choose the method likely to give you the best results for your critical features and dimensions.


    Can you add electrodes to embossed parts?

    No, this isn’t a service we’re offering at this time.


    Can you embed glass windows, filters, or other external elements into finished microfluidic cartridges?

    Yes, there are numerous approaches we can use to incorporate such elements.


    I’m currently using PDMS and require certain properties, such as optical clarity at certain wavelengths, gas permeability, or a deformable geometry. Can I switch to plastic, and can you advise me on the right choices?

    Yes, in most cases there are suitable plastics that can replicate the properties you need, and we have lots of experience helping folks transition out of PDMS. We can give you as much information as you’d like and help guide the choice towards a good long-term manufacturable solution.


    Do you offer design or CAD services?

    Yes, we can help with your CAD generation and design efforts if needed.


    How does your process work?

    See our technology page for more information.

    Logistical Questions

    What is required to get started?

    We work with companies at all different stages of development, whether you have initial design concepts or a final part design that you are ready to scale the production of.


    Can Edge provide the micro-fabricated master for my project?

    Yes, we have a network of partners we use to provide micro-fabrication services.


    What if I need to scale production quickly?

    No problem! We have a large capacity and can immediately scale to 1,000 and 10,000 pieces per month for most programs. This involves no changes to our tooling or process, s you will receive parts of the same high-quality and precision as the initial prototypes.


    I have a lot of prototyping to do. Can I get a discount?

    Potentially, yes. We are happy to discuss a partnership with you that will get you access to a guaranteed number of design iterations over an agree period of time. In many cases, we can provide better pricing in exchange for the guarantee of a longer-term relationship.


    Is Edge Embossing ISO certified, and/or do you have a Quality Management System in place?

    We aren’t currently ISO certified, but are prepared to apply for certification as soon as is needed. We are also prepared to implement a Quality Management System for any production that reaches the Design Control stage.

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