Microstructured Plastic Parts

Seamlessly replicating your microfabricated designs in precision-engineered thermoplastic parts.

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  • Superior Reproducibility

    High-fidelity reproduction of all features from macroscale to sub-micron dimensions.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Far faster, cheaper, and more flexibile than micro-injection molding.

  • Low Cost

    No high-cost tooling required to produce high quality parts.

How it Works

  1. Step 1 Submit your online order

    Choose your desired thermoplastic, wafer size & sense, and how quickly you need your plastic parts.

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  2. Step 2 Ship your wafer to Edge Embossing

    Our ordering app will let you know how to package and send your wafer and the date we need to receive it in order to meet your turnaround timeframe.

  3. Step 3 Production

    We perform an incoming inspection of your wafer and then use our proprietary process to produce thermoplastic parts based on your design. We inspect these final parts and ship them to you.

  4. Step 4 You receive unlidded plastic parts

    You receive thermoplastic parts based on your wafer design. Optionally, you can receive metrology data of both your wafer and plastic parts.

    You will have the option to store your wafer at our facility, have it be destroyed, or be returned with your order.

    If you would like lidded plastic parts, please refer to our .

  5. Step 5 Order additional parts

    Create a new order with a new wafer or save 30% reordering the same design, regardless of material choice.

    Need more than 20 parts? Please refer to our .

What You Receive

We ship you plastic replicas of your wafer. You can optionally receive comparison metrology data of your wafer and plastic parts.

Final parts
Final parts

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Customer Testimonials

  • Edge Embossing has been providing parts for us for over 5 years, with exceptional precision, high reproducibility and fast-turnaround times. Working closely with their experienced team has allowed us to successfully complete multiple projects, including the manufacturing of medical devices for the ISS.

    Alessandra Robillard, B.Eng., Project Engineer, Sensoreal Inc.
  • Working with Edge Embossing has accelerated my company’s ability to prototype microfluidic chips by months. My microfluidic design was rejected by several companies due to its complexity and 10 micron feature sizes, but Edge Embossing was able hot emboss my design without any issues. Without their help, I would still be trying to get my first design to work. Since then, I’ve sent them 7 other designs, and will definitely be sending more.

    Jesse Lu, Plexium
  • The customer service we received from Edge Embossing was exemplary; their team was very responsive to our needs and was always available to discuss any aspect of the project. Their core technology allowed us to quickly iterate on our designs at a pace that can’t be achieved with many other plastic manufacturing methods. Edge Embossing provided us a solid, rapid solution for our consumable prototyping and development.

    Connor Sullivan, Neofluidics

Still have questions…

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to inquire about a customized order (e.g. custom size, lidding, through holes, etc.) or larger volume order.